For the best quality Timber Flooring in Sydney

We offer not only top quality timber flooring products and great service, we also pride ourselves with having a team of expert, experienced installers and having direct relationship with our well-established and respected manufacturers. At AA Plus Flooring, we don’t skip on quality. Every product and service we sell, we guarantee customer satisfaction. That is why our products come with 15 years domestic installation warranty to give you even more reason to be assured your flooring is in good hands. Check out our products gallery to see our latest installations.

Laminate Floors – from $13/sqm

Becoming one of the most popular choices when in comes to flooring as an alternative to solid hardwood flooring, Laminate Flooring is not only attractive, cost-efficient and innovative…

Bamboo Floors – from $38/sqm

Having a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete, Bamboo is a versatile material notable for its economic and cultural significance in Asia. Strand woven bamboo is…

Engineered Floors – from $48/sqm

Very quickly and easily installed, Engineered Floating Timber floors combine the sophistication of real timber with an ingenious construction delivering a stable floor and making installation easy…

Vinyl Floors – from $58/sqm

For that perfect reproduction of natural materials such as stone or timber in your home for the fraction of the cost of the real thing, give us a call. AA Plus Flooring can deliver when it comes to design…

Solid Timber Floors – from $68/sqm

Solid wood flooring is a popular type of hardwood flooring made from one piece of hardwood timber such as Oak or Walnut. Also refereed to as real wood flooring they have been around for years…